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Birthday wishes for my mom is very special things which i given to sweet and loving mom, I wish my mom with birthday wishes for mom in very different way, Thanks mom for your moral, physical support in every situation of my life whenever i am in sick, trouble, difficulty, failure situation you hold my hand and taught me right way, and help me to take Right discussion on right time. Your my energy source, motivational person, Live with me forever and don’t left my hand anymore. I so sorry when i am doing bad things against you. I Love you mom very much from bottom of my Heart. I am wishing every age of your life a Happy birthday to you, i am not stable right now but one day surely come in my life all your wishes i will be able to complete. I don’t want that physical love because your love live my heart always, i don’t know how i will complete your wishes and desires but your love, your care, makes me able to do all this thinks and also inspire me from your Sacrifices, Loving heart, your strength and attitude. Dear mom keep believe on my decision and action, my sacrifices. i am not a wrong for you and your life, my decision is good for everyone of our Family members too. My life and me also wants life partner same as you, as your love, as your care, as your feelings for me and my life. Your just smile makes me happy, energetic whole day and whole life also.

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For those whose mothers are their guardian angels now

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I prayed to God for a lovingmotherand a caring friend

Mothersof your type are of the old generation

For every childrenmotheris so lovely person on the earth asmother

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I hope your day is as special as you are

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You are the woman who has taught me everything

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Mothersare angels


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Amotheris an epitome of sacrifice and love. She does everything

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AMotherand Daughter relationship is so special

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I know you are in a good place now and that makes me happy

Thanks for always being there for me

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I hope that when you look back on this day that every moment will be an amazing memory

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Thank youMomfor always being faith in me and believe in me that one day

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Motheris the reason why we are here in this world

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throughout the life your valuable advices have led me safely

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My dear let me wish you always to remain as energetic

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Mom you did so much to bring me into this world

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This is not always easy to do because ourmothersdo so much for us

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please always know that I love you and appreciate all the great things you have done in my life

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Amothernever stops loving her children

you brought me into the world

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I am very grateful to have such an amazing woman

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Thank you mymommyfor helping to make all my dreams

With loving thoughts and memories of the wonderfulmother

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You aremy motherand no harm shall ever come to you

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You Were My Very First Friend

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hope it turns out to be amazing just like you

I hope that sadness is but a distant emotion and not a single day passes

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Thank you Mom for being my rock and fortress every time

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You have always been my supermodel

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Happybirthdayto the one person who showed me all the avatars of a woman

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ou provide the love that makes our dream of a happy home come true

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you really are a magnificent lady and a fantasticmother

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motherbecause you fill my life with love and laughter

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