Birthday wishes for Mom

A very happier day in my life ever never that is your Birthday Mom, I miss your birthday on every year, happy birthday mom wishes is very special things in my life. I love to wish you on your birthday from the begging of the day, At night i wish you, at morning i wish you, at evening i wish you, at night i wish you a Very happy birthday dear mom, i am so great, lucky i got a mom like you, really i have no words to thanks, no words to talk, you are awesome person in my life, happy birthday mom wishes is lovely subject in my life, your heart is so pure and so clear, thanks for make me and my life as your life, Keep me inspire, motivate my life, keep your hand with me forever and i also never left your hand in any situation, decision of my life, You keep going on in your life for motivating and encouraging our life day by day. You makes my life easier, happier, beautiful, sweet, smart, Long, faithful, kindness, loving. Your are such a angle of my life to give me this life and beautiful days in my life with such persons, amazing surrounding with us with educations, feelings, prosperity, lavish lifestyle, loving peoples

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