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A great friendship is formed because of two reasons.first is to find out the similarities second is to respect the diffrences our friendship has both reasons.

Friendship is something that does not have color but is colorful, which has no face but is beautiful. Friendship Day will be celebrated around the world on August 4 to further make this beautiful and colorful friendship even more colorful. These days, everyone will use greetings, SMS, Images, Whatsapp Status, to greet friends near you or millions of miles away.At this point, what is the big code for sending a message to Friendship Day? Because friendship is something that cannot be expressed in words. However, remembering your special, close friend will not come on this day. So here are some special messages to greet a friend who has always stood firmly behind you ... Friendship is a relationship in which all other relationships are on one side and that sweet friendship on the other. Friendship is a very sacred relationship, but because of betrayal, the friendship lasts, but if that belief persists, the friendship remains as charioteer throughout life. Best of luck from Friendship Day

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A friend is a life partner who plays with you all the time of your life. Friend considers all our difficulties as his difficulty and helps us. It is very difficult for everyone to engage in true friendship. It is a divine and most valuable gift of life.It is rare to find a true friend and counts as one of life's greatest achievements, a friend Aapalya Jeevanat is a partner who plays you throughout his age. Friends Friendship is a very close-knit relationship. As a friendship, there are no bounds. The friendship that extends beyond all relationships in the world is supported throughout life. No one can ever know when these bonds of friendship are related. But once these fibers are matched, they never break for any reason.

As you are born, many relationships in life are automatically connected with you. We get the blessing that comes from the family. These relationships of blood of love and affection help us throughout our lives. But friendship relationships are different. Schools, colleges, and businesses open up the vast world to the world. In this journey, friendship is gradually intertwined. Some General Chat Chat Lounge Some have only a few friends, and some like to be friendly with everyone. Although friendship cannot be determined, it only strengthens our friendship with those with whom we share our thoughts and opinions. If a friend has been angry for a long time or is not talking about anything, there cannot be a better opportunity to express his love towards his friend. You can also celebrate this special day with these messages instead of expensive gifts. Which your friend will surely like ...

Friendship is the most valuable thing in life. Nothing good and true to friends. Friend, a person with whom he is most strange despite having no relationship with blood. If there is any problem or confusion in life, the path shows only that friend. Friend can be in any form. Best friend, siblings, papa-mummy or anyone close, it is the same feeling of friendship for everyone. To celebrate this special feeling, every year the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. Everyone needs a lot of true friends in life because apart from laughing and having fun, you can also share your things with them that do not do to anyone else. After the family there are true friends who always stand with you in your happiness and sorrow.The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day every year to convey and express this importance of friends. This year it is being celebrated on 4 August. Nowadays we have become so busy in our work and responsibilities that it is months even after meeting friends.

Many times the long-term plans are not completed and as a result, your dear friends become angry with you. So today you have a chance that by sending a message you can remove all your friends' displeasure and make them realize how important they are to you.Apart from India, Sunday will also be celebrated as Friendship Day in Bangladesh, Malaysia and UAE. On this day, they meet their special friends and tie them to a friendship band. Gives gifts and treats. Apart from this, you can also wish Friendship Day by sending them a message on WhatsApp, Facebook.